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Enjoy winter to enjoy the verbena leaves in infusion to keep warm.
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Green revolution is going on at "les Verveines vaison" !
My verbena is produced by methods of biodynamic cultures that ban the use of chemicals or syntheses !
No insecticides or pesticides !
After a selection of the best plants and cuttings without hormones, the plants are placed in the ground in tubs of stone permaculture.
Met with sewage plant sprays (nettle, horsetail, comfrey) and home compost used (in juice form) to ensure the plants a abundant supply of nutrients and rich in trace elements. The moon guides me to respect the natural cycle of the plant and choose the best time to harvest and dry the leaves to optimize the scents, flavors and virtues médicinales. Its delicately lemony fragrance will bring a refreshing touch to preparations for toning and firming creams for the skin. It is also ideal for anti-aging thanks to its antioxidant compounds.
Calming, it is deemed to appease the people stressed and anxious. It is also delicious in the kitchen, syrup and liqueur.
The Lemon Verbena is recommended in the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress. It works in parallel on gastrointestinal disorders associated with them. It contains, in fact, terpenoids and mucilage, energizing and astringent. So the lemon verbena is a plant that helps digestion and will treat sore after a hard-meal (bloating, flatulence or nausea).


The verveines leaves are available :

- bag of 10 grammes for 3 €
- bag of 15 grammes for 5 €

You get free shipping if you buy 100 grammes for 20 €.
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Claudine et Gautier SAINT DENIS
Chemin des Abeilles - 100B Impasse des Lavandes
84110 Vaison la Romaine

Tél. : +33 (0)4 90 62 08 46 - Gsm : +33 (0)6 83 45 42 43

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